Jen Lindner and Milan Dobrota

  • Michael D. Hall: Hi, I'm Michael Hall standing here with Jen Lindner and Milan Dobrota. And they're working with the Tribune Company in Chicago and they're doing like a little user group and support network called Tribune Tech, and you are hosting some groups. You said youíve hosted J. S. hack nights, and you said you have something planned for Chicago Testing Group. So can you tell us a little bit about what you guys are doing and what you are looking to do with the community? Against the microphone. Milan Dobrota: Sure, so, Tribune Technology, wants to get engaged in the community. It wants to help as much as possible. So, we know thereís a lot of great ideas out there, and a lot of people, and a lot of really cool user groups. So if youíre looking for hosting, or if we can help in any other way, make sure you let us know. TribuneTech, thatís our twitter username and weíre also on facebook, I think itís technology. And, itís like, weíre really trying to help the community and help us because when people come to us we get engaged, we get new ideas, new technologies and thatís good for the company and good for the community, good for everybody. Michael D. Hall: So the groups that youíve hosted so far, are you guys using a lot of JavaScript and [warbeings?][0:01:22.0] internally so you wanted to like figure out a way to like, give back to the community by hosting and bringing people in or? Milan Dobrota: Yes. Jen Lindner: What happened was that, the Tribune itself was basically saying to itself, nobody really knows what we do with technology. They donít know how much we actually use and theyíve opened [sorts and gems?][0:01:38.0] this year, like thereís a lot, like on the [riviend?][0:01:42.0] some interesting java script too. So they asked for volunteers to basically be like an interface to the community in general to basically help support whatever knowledge sharing and a better development culture within technology and to sort of let everybody know what weíre actually doing and to support the things that are good. So thatís how we met, and we all started this volunteer thing. We knew various user groups and so we started reaching out to various people that we knew in the community and saying that weíd really like to host. Weíd like to do other things and weíve come along, and thatís how this ball got rolling. Michael D. Hall: And so, have you guys been; the key metric is are you guys having fun and enjoying it? This isnít something coming from corporate, this is something that you guys helped to create. Itís unique that a company would be saying hey, how can we figure out how to become more engaged with the community? Especially one thatís not known to [inaudible][0:02:38.0] Milan Dobrota: So, I think that was a great idea, because, they basically came up to us and they said, okay, we need volunteers that are going to give a certain number of hours that you can work on, you could be [inaudible][0:02:48.0], connecting with the community and justÖ They donít tell us what to do, they just told us what we could do, and we didnít have any limits. So, itís really cool because like everybody is a volunteer, and weíre so passionate about it so we were brainstorming a lot. We came up with all these ideas, we came up with some tribune internal ideasÖ Michael D. Hall: You developed hack night shirts Milan Dobrota: So, as far as our external engagement with the community goes, so far, weíre doing hack nights. So just as you said earlier, we did a couple of Java script hack nights our media J. S. and Java script events, and weíre currently talking to Chicago, weíll be testing group organizers, thatís a new group, so we hope to host [inaudible][0:03:37.0] Michael D. Hall: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me, and hopefully weíll be able to send some people your way. Jen Lindner: Cool. Milan Dobrota: Thanks.