Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz

The Lost Interview @ RailsConf Chicago 2014

  • This interview with Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale was the first attempt we made at publishing a conversation on UGtastic. It was also my first catastrophic failure of equipment. Normally there is a microphone recording to an SD card with a line-out to the camera, which is also capturing audio. Unfortunately the storage on the camera filled up faster than I anticipated AND the battery on the microphone died. Because the microphone died without any kind of warning we continued to talk until the camera beeped loudly and display in my hand showed me a full card warning.

    It's not my proudest moment but the conversation was a really good one and I feel so awful that it was lost that I wanted to at least save what we did have. So here's the incomplete, rough cut of the interview with Tom Dale & Yehuda Katz from RailsConf Chicago 2014. There's a complete interview that they were kind enough to agree to that will be published in the normal schedule.