RailsConf Interviews

Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) at RailsConf 2014

David Heinemeier Hansson

Creator of Ruby on Rails

Chat with DHH about nuance, where he stands with TDD today, increasing the bandwidth of conversations and his thoughts on how F/OSS softwar…

Interview with Coraline Ada Ehmke on Artisians & Apprentices at RailsConf 2014

Coraline Ada Ehmke

Coraline Ada Ehmke (@Bantik) gave a talk about Artisans & Apprentices at RailsConf 2014. She describes her experences and what led her …

Interview with Rafael França a 2014 Ruby Hero at RailsConf 2014

Rafael França

Rafael França was noted by the Ruby Hero committee for being one of the most prolific committers they evaluated for the Ruby Hero awards fo…

Interview with Zassmin Montes de Oca the Exec. Director with Women Who Code at RailsConf 2014

Zassmin Montes de Oca

Zassmin Montes de Oca is the Executive Director and Board Vice Chair with the Women Who Code organiztion. WWC is a non-profit dedicated to …

Interview with Andy Maleh at RailsConf 2014

Andy Maleh

Interview with Andy Maleh at RailsConf Chicago 2014. Andy presented Ultra Light and Maintainable Rails Wizards at the conference and we cha…

Interview with Carlos Antonio da Silva a Rails Core team member at RailsConf 2014

Carlos Antonio da Silva

Carlos Antonio da Silva a Rails Core team member and a maintainer of the Devise and simple_form RubyGems shares some insight into the trick…

Interview with Nitin Dhaware and Dnyaneshwar Nerkar (Gyani) at RailsConf 2014

Dnyaneshwar Nerkar (Gyani) and Nitin Dhaware

Interview with Nitin Dhaware and Dnyaneshwar Nerkar (Gyani) at RailsConf 2014. We discuss their presentation Empowering Rich Internet Appli…

Interview with Greg Baugues on Mental Health in Tech at RailsConf 2014

Greg Baugues

Greg Baugues is a Developer Evangelist with Twilio and he chats with us about how he came to share his own personal struggles with mental d…

Interview with Justin Gordon on how his presentation evolved at RailsConf 2014

Justin Gordon

Justin Gordon walks us through the journey he went through while learning and changing the message he wanted to share though his presentati…

Interview with Kiyoto Tamura a maintainer of FluentD, a log integration tool at RailsConf 2014

Kiyoto Tamura

Chat with Kiyoto Tamura who is a maintainer on the FluentD log integration tool. We chat about what exactly FluentD is, how it got it's nam…

Interview with Obie Fernandez author The Rails Way & co-founder Hashrocket at RailsConf 2014

Obie Fernandez

Author The Rails Way & co-founder Hashrocket

Obie Fernandez was an early adopter and teacher in the Rails community. At RailsConf 2014 he lead a panel on the future of Rails jobs.

Interview with Jonathon Kresner founder AirPair at RailsConf 2014

Jonathon Kresner

Jonathon Kresner was at RailsConf conducting online interviews with speakers at RailsConf to promote his company AirPair. I was interested …

Interview with Javier Ramirez on his presentation "What is REST?" at RailsConf 2014

Javier Ramirez

Javier Ramirez challenges us to go back to the beginning of Rails and the eventual adoption of the REST concepts to think about what REST m…

Interview with Farrah Bostic founder The Difference Engine and a keynoter at RailsConf 2014

Farrah Bostic

Farrah Bostic asks a bold question What happens when everyone learns to code? We're moving past the days of computers being just those magi…

Interview with Jeremy Green on his Authentication in SOA talk at RailsConf 2014

Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green shares his presentation on how to build authentication systems that can span multiple SOA nodes but work with a single system …

Interview with Mike Pack organizer w/Full Stack Denver & Denver.rb at RailsConf 2014

Mike Pack

Mike Pack tells us about the Full Stack Meetup that he organizes in Denver, Colorado as well as the Denver.rb user-group that he co-organiz…

Interview with Liz Abinante co-leader Girl Develop It Chicago at RailsConf 2014

Liz Abinante

Co-leader Girl Develop It Chicago at RailsConf 2014

Liz Abinante aka @feministy is the co-leader of Girl Develop It Chicago chapter.

Interview with Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale creators of Ember.js and  at RailsConf 2014

Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz

After a lovely interview that fell flat due to technical difficulties Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale were willing to redo the interview but I s…

Jen Myers promotes Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014 event

Jen Myers

Jen Myers shares with us some information on the Rails Girls Summer of Code event while at RailsConf 2014. Learn more about how YOU can par…

Interview with Justin Searls creator of Lineman.js at RailsConf 2014

Justin Searls

Justin Searls explains what Lineman.js and the problems that drove him to create the tool. Justin also describes his very intense process t…

Interview with Alexander Dymo on his Ruby Performance talk at RailsConf 2014

Alexander Dymo

Alexander Dymo presented Improve performance: Optimize Memory and Upgrade to Ruby 2.1 at RailsConf 2014. Alexander is also working on a Rub…

Interview with Evan Phoenix creator of Rubinius Ruby VM and Puma App Server at RailsConf 2014

Evan Phoenix

Evan Phoenix is one of those rare outliers who has an unbelievable talent for creating complex tools that are incredibly useful and help dr…

Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale: The Lost Interview

Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz

The Lost Interview

This interview with Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale was the first attempt we made at publishing a conversation on UGtastic. It was also my first…

Interview with Leah Silber  co-org EmberConf, GoGaRuCo, and RailsConf at RailsConf 2014

Leah Silber

Leah Silber shares with us her experience with building and supporting large technical communities.

Interview with Justin Collins creator of Brakeman at RailsConf 2014

Justin Collins

Justin Collins is the creator of the Brakeman static analysis for Rails tool and was presenting on Tales from the Crypt a team presentation…

Interview with Chad Fowler founder RubyConf & RailsConf

Chad Fowler

Chad Fowler is an early leader in the Ruby community and an active author, teacher, and speaker. His most well known book being The Passion…

Interview with Ray Hightower announcing RubyCaribe at RailsConf 2014

Ray Hightower

Ray Hightower was amongst the first people interviewed on UGtastic and he's back talking about his latest conference announcement - RubyCar…

Interview with Joel Turnbull on his "Debugger Driven Development" talk at RailsConf 2014

Joel Turnbull

Joel Turnbull shares his experience that lead to his presentation on Debugger Driven Development. He describes the Pry tool a beautiful enh…

Interview with Richard Schneeman a hacker at Heroku and avid F/OSS contributor at RailsConf 2014

Richard Schneeman

Richard Schneeman aka Schneems chats about his work at Heroku as well as his work and history with the Ruby community and his new book Hero…

Interview with Evan Light founder DCamp at RailsConf 2014

Evan Light

Evan Light is a frequent contributor to F/OSS and even works with Rackspace to help with their integration with tools such as the Fog RubyG…

Interview with Aaron Patterson Ruby & Rails Core team member and keynoter at RailsConf 2014

Aaron Patterson

Ruby & Rails Core team member

Aaron Patterson provides a balance to the force of DHH and it felt appropriate for him to close out RailsConf and to hear his perspective o…