GOTO Interviews

Interview with Ola Bini creator of Ioke and JRuby contributor

Ola Bini

Interview with Ola Bini creator of Ioke and JRuby contributor

Interview with Niley Barros an organizer with GOTO Chicago 2014

Niley Barros

Niley Barros is an organizer with GOTO Chicago and shares insight into the events and how she got involved as a conference organizer.

Interview with Michael T. Nygard looking back on five years of DevOps at GOTO Chicago 2014

Michael T. Nygard

Michael T. Nygard looked back at the last Five Years of DevOps: Where are we Now? at GOTO Chicago 2014. Michael explains a bit about the hi…

Interview with Aino Vonge Corry an speaker introducer at GOTO Chicago 2014

Aino Vonge Corry

Aino Vonge Corry is a long time friend of the GOTO Conference and was out at GOTO Chicago 2014 conducting interviews with presenters as wel…

Interview with Max De Marzi organizer Graph DB Chicago at GOTO Chicago 2014

Max De Marzi

Max De Marzi is a developer with Neo4j and a user-group organizer with the Graph Database Chicago UG. He presented at GOTO Chicago 2014 on …

Interview with Richard Lee a contributor to OpenStack at GOTO Chicago 2014

Richard Lee

Richard Lee is responsible for the Heat component of the OpenStack Orchestration program. Richard explains how he got involved with develop…

Interview with Tim Bray co-inventor XML at GOTO Chicago 2014

Tim Bray

Tim Bray is the co-inventor of XML and a keynote speaker the GOTO Chicago 2014 conference. We chat about his presenation as well as his tho…

Interview with Russ Olsen author Eloquent Ruby at GOTO Chicago 2014

Russ Olsen

Russ Olsen chats with us about his presentation Programming in Interesting Times and explains why we should be thinking beyond our current …

Interview with Jez Humble on DevOps culture at GOTO Chicago 2014

Jez Humble

Jez Humble shares with us his presentation DevOps Culture and Practices to Create Flow where he defines the DevOps and Flow concepts as rel…

Interview with Trisha Gee on building a buzzword-compliant web app at GOTO Chicago 2014

Trisha Gee

Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Trisha Gee is an expert in high performance Java systems and a developer with MongoDB. She wanted to see about building a buzzword-complian…

Interview with Fred George on Programmer Anarchy at GOTO Chicago 2014

Fred George

Fred George spoke at GOTO Chicago 2014 on Implementing Programmer Anarchy. I've often heard that managing programmers is like herding cats,…

Interview with Emily Rosengren on User-Groups and ThoughtWorks at GOTO Chicago 2014

Emily Rosengren

Emily Rosengren is a developer who also works to help User-Groups coordinate with ThoughtWorks for sponsorships and hosting events. Emily s…

Interview with Fred Guime organizer Chicago Java UG at GOTO Chicago 2014

Fred Guime

Interview with Fred Guime the current president for the Chicago Java User-Group, CJUG. CJUG went through a period that saw it nearly being …

Interview with John Jarosz & Coleman Collins on building ecosystems at GOTO Chicago 2014

Coleman Collins and John Jarosz

John Jarosz & Coleman Collins share their experience building systems that are heavily dependent on human interaction and change. They …

Interview with Ryan Gerry organizer with Software Craftsmanship McHenry County at GOTO Chicago 2014

Ryan Gerry

Ryan Gerry is the lead organizer for Software Craftsmanship McHenry County (SCMC) a Craftsmanship focused User-Group in the far northwester…

Interview with Alex Rutkowski & Joel Friedman on remote pairing at GOTO Chicago 2014

Alex Rutkowski and Joel Friedman

Alex Rutkowski & Joel Friedman are full-time remote collaborators and they share some of their experiences collaborating with distribut…

Interview with Courtney Hemphill on Mixing Lean & Agile Development at GOTO Chicago 2014

Courtney Hemphill

Courtney Hemphill is a lead developer at Carbon Five and she presented Mixing Lean UX and Agile Development: How to minimize risk, maximize…

Interview with Cindy Sprague a lead organizer with GOTO Chicago 2014

Cindy Sprague

Cindy Sprague is one of those people who makes things happen and most all of us don't even know what was going on. Cindy was a COO with Obj…

Interview with Adrian Cockcroft keynote speaker for GOTO Chicago 2014

Adrian Cockcroft

Adrian Cockcroft has helped lead the technical direction of some of the largest players in online services today such as Netflix, Ebay, and…

Interview with Leslie Borrell & Alberto Silveira from Amplify Access at GOTO Chicago

Alberto Silveira and Leslie Borrell

Interview with Leslie Borrell & Alberto Silveira from Amplify Access on their GOTO Chicago 2014 presentation Creating Collaborative Dis…

Interview with Camille Fournier on rewriting software at GOTO Chicago 2014

Camille Fournier

Camille Fournier inquired as to whether we really want to go through The Great Rewrite of our legacy systems and whether there's a better w…